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3,2,1... Fire!

The Journey of Piggy is a roguelike adventure game with fast-paced, shoot 'em up combat set in a beautifully hand-drawn world. Choose from a variety of weapons, cards and power-ups to create unique builds and survive until the end.


- Auto-firing weapons by default with a manual aiming option
- Three game modes: roguelike, survivors and infinite
- Unlock new weapons and power-ups
- Collect materials to upgrade your stats
- Endless replayability
- World ranking
- Play using mouse and keyboard or controller


Roguelike mode: Climb the tower, ascending its floors through three acts, encountering many enemies, bosses, and events along the way. The paths through each act all lead to a final floor where a challenging boss encounter awaits. The content of each floor and the available paths through each act are procedurally-generated, so each run will be a different experience.

Survivors mode: Survive 30 minutes fighting against relentless hordes of thousands of monsters and defeat the final boss.

Infinite mode: Survive as long as you can! Battle against unyielding waves of countless monsters. Every 10 minutes, a boss appears.


Forge your path and shape your destiny through dynamic builds, ensuring each endeavor is a unique odyssey. Experiment with an array of weapons, power-ups, and upgrades, blending them in endless combinations. Strategize and adapt to the evolving trials, concocting formidable synergies to overcome adversaries with ease.


Embark on The Journey of Piggy, where the call to adventure never fades. Push your abilities to the limit, aiming for new heights and surpassing previous records. With each playthrough, immerse yourself in a distinct and thrilling journey, ensuring every step into the fray is met with excitement and anticipation.


Experience The Journey of Piggy tailored to your preferred input method, whether you lean towards the precision of a mouse and keyboard or the comforting familiarity of a controller. Dive into the immersive action, where every swing carries weight and each triumph brings a rush of exhilaration.