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Find your own destiny

Triton Survival is an open world survival game about exploration, construction, engineering, and fighting on planets. Embark on this interstellar adventure and conquer the galaxy. Are you ready?


Ensure your survival by stockpiling essential provisions such as food, water, and oxygen, while shielding yourself from radiation, extreme temperatures, meteor showers, alien fauna, and hostile environments.


Embark on exploratory journeys across uncharted planets. Acquire energy to activate the Triton Portal, enabling travel to Neptune's moons.


Establish bases wherever you venture, utilizing resources from planetary surfaces and subterranean deposits. Building, repairing and upgrading structures is basic to your survival.


Defend the portal against relentless enemy assaults. Arm yourself with an array of weaponry and ammunition, devising tactical strategies such as deploying turrets, mines, and other defensive measures to safeguard your base.


- Skill tree: gain experience and improve your character's abilities and attributes. You decide your strategy!
- Generate your own energy with resources such as carbon, hydrogen, radioactive elements, sunlight… Supply electricity to your structures through a wiring system.
- Ground and air vehicles, which you can upgrade and use for tasks such as transporting heavy materials or simply traveling.
- Farming system: Harvesting vegetables and trees.
- A network of teleporters to travel to places inaccessible on foot or with your vehicle, such as floating islands.
- An environment full of life: day-night cycle, weather, flora, fauna, and enemies on land, at sea, and in the air.